Aluminium covers

Flexible aluminium covers

Flexible aluminium covers manufactured with barrier materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and aluminized film. Aluminium covers help parts reach their destination protected from the effects of rust and corrosion. It can be used for the interior of boxes and once the parts have been packed in the bag, the air is evacuated and the bag heat sealed avoiding rusting of the packed part.

For larger shipments, such as motors or machinery, first a sheet of this film is placed over the wooden base on which it will be transported and after placing the machine on it an aluminium cover is placed over it and heat sealed to the bottom sheet. Before sealing the final point, a vacuum tube is inserted and the air is evacuated and before final sealing, a small quantity of desiccant salts is introduced to absorb any remaining air. The package is totally airtight.

We also supply the independent heat-sealing unit for sealing the aluminium cover to the under-sheet.