Desiccant salts

Desiccant salts

Desiccant or anti-humidity salts are used to absorb the relative humidity of the air inside the packaging and protect the merchandise from its principal cause of deterioration which is the condensation caused by the differences of temperature and humidity.

Desiccant salts, desiccant salts in gel and clay desiccants.



We stock different types of desiccant salts in different measures for all types of application:
  • 140gm bags of desiccant salts used for the interior protection of boxes, pallets, machinery etc.
  • 2kg desiccant salt bags known as ‘container-dry’ are used to protect merchandise which travels in containers, avoiding the ‘sweat’ or ‘drip’ effect in the interior of the container.
Anti-humidity or desiccant salts in stock for IMMEDIATE DISPATCH. Desiccant salts: desiccant bags for maritime containers that protect the merchandise from humidity during transport. The desiccant is composed of natural clay and calcium chloride. Desiccant salts in gel: specifically designed for maritime containers. They convert the humidity into gel. The principal advantages over the traditional 2kg desiccants are less time for installation (less and lighter bags per container), a lower storage cost (they occupy 4 times less space), they do not drip water once saturated and are apt for food atmospheres. Desiccant salts in clay: Natural clay desiccant for protection of products from humidity within closed spaces or inside packaging. Very useful for chemical products, machinery, electronics.


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