Double (top and bottom) valve sack

Polyethylene double top and bottom sack

We have 3 types of double (top and bottom) valve sack:

  • Simple valve double sack
  • Double interior valve sack
  • Reversible double valve sack

These are the most common models in the polyethylene valve sack range for industry. They are robust and safe and guarantee perfect final pallet stacking once filled.




The reversible double valve sack is similar to the double interior valve sack with an important improvement when packing products that need airtight sacks. We are able to manufacture a protruding valve which, once the sack is full, is folded back and inserted into a special cavity and avoids any possible product spills. The valve can be heat-sealed before folding into the cavity which provides a totally hermetic seal. This is recommended for the transport of pellets, chemical products, manure, fertilizers…


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