Food handling gloves

Food handling gloves

This product consists of a dispenser and a hygienic glove for food handling.

The design allows fast and easy putting on and taking off of the plastic glove. It has a wrist band which allows the plastic glove to be easily replaced and a magnetised base which allows single-handed use.

These food-handling gloves can be used in bakeries, supermarkets and grocers’ shops, cake shops, greengrocers, fishmongers etc.



Advantages of the plastic food handling glove:

Unlike latex gloves which can cause sweating and dermatitis when worn for long periods, our plastic gloves avoid these problems as they only need to be put on when they are actually going to be used. The plastic in our hygienic food-handling gloves cause absolutely no reaction on the skin and do not spread powder.

Other transparent gloves are 10 micron thick while ours are 30 micron thick and it is only necessary to change the glove 2 or 3 times per day for adequate hygiene in the handling of food. This helps to reduce environmental impact considerably.



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