Kraft Paper sacks

Kraft Paper sacks

Coplasem distributes kraft paper sacks manufactured in different configurations. From single layer to more complex multi-layer sacks with an interior polythene bag or film between layers. Different types of sack are available: open mouth, packing valve, etc.

Paper valve sacks are used for automatic filling. The valve allows the sack to be filled and avoids posterior spillage as the valve closes automatically when the sack is withdrawn from the filling machine. The product is packed in a hermetic sack without needing heat sealing nor sewing.

These sacks are mainly for the construction industry, the food industry, chemical products and coal among others.



All the paper sacks are 100% recyclable (with symbol) and are manufactured under the FSC forestry certification. Kraft paper sacks are totally customisable in terms of size, printing, manufacture. We also have white paper sacks. Consult us. We will find the most economical and environmentally-friendly answer to your requirements.


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