Light shrink wrap pistol

Pistola de retractilar ligera: Hornett

  • The Hornet 90KW shrink wrap pistol weighs in at only 520 grammes which reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
  • Fast and easy to use thanks to its interchangeable lances and with its rapid connection it is possible to connect the pistol to the hose with a single click. The sound level of the Raptor pistol is very low!
  • The flame technology maintains the moderate temperature of the burner. The Hornet is particularly intuitive to use and precise and is high performance due to the flame of the torch.
  • The Raptor also allows easy part change for the piezo or the injector.
  • It comes in a plastic case which includes:
    Pistol + hose + gloves + trigger replacement





Video demo of the Hornett pistol




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