Macroperforated film

High protection macro-perforated film

Macro-perforated film is used in multiple sectors; Food, flowers and plants.

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Macro-perforated film is used in multiple sectors; Food, flowers and plants:

The food Industry

Macro-perforated film, due to its net structure, allows air to circulate freely within the loaded pallet so that products that require oxygen for biological reasons, such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese stay fresh during transport and storage.

  • Products palleted hot

Our macro-perforated film allows for rapid energy equilibrium for products palleted while hot, avoiding the damp/condensation found with normal films which damages the product and its packaging such as cardboard boxes, paper, printed images.

  • Refrigerated and frozen products

The phenomenon that appears with products palleted hot also appears with products packaged at low temperatures due to the damp/condensation that forms on cold surfaces. Macro-perforated film offers a better method to accelerate the process as this film offers less insulation than regular film and allows lower costs and increased production.

Flowers and plants

Macro-perforated film protects flowers and sensitive plants during transport. The holes are smaller than in films for food, to avoid flowers or leaves poking out, but still allows maximum aeration without damage to buds and leaves.


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