Security bags

Security bags

Evidence handling procedures require special solutions for the remains of fires or forensic evidence etc.. Coplasem security bags allow the storage, transport and protection of a wide range of evidence types. The evidence can be stored and protected for longer periods of time, and depending on the requirements, breathable, gas or shield-proof.

The security bags cannot be manipulated, as any unauthorised opening of the bag is clearly indicated on the seal. It is not possible re-seal a bag to hide the slightest unauthorised attempt to open it.

We have double bodied security bags.





We have double bodied security bags. These high security bags have the same level of invulnerability but are two bags sealed with a single closure.

Our double bodied security bags allow independent elements of differentiated documentation to be sent in the same bag.

All the bags are codified with code 39 or EDI with consecutive numbering.

We have certified breathable security bags for keeping health and police evidence that may require this characteristic available.

We have available in stock different types of security bags in different sizes and applications for IMMEDIATE DESPATCH.


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