Strapping systems guarantee maximum security in the transport and delivery of your products. In Coplasem we have specific solutions for every need in polypropylene, polyester and textile.

We have a wide variety of strapping references in stock at Coplasem for IMMEDIATE DISPATCH.



fleje-varios POLYPROPYLENE STRAPPING PP strapping is the ideal solution for normal situations in different sectors such as logistics, fruit and vegetable, food, etc. due to its security and technical characteristics. Available in widths from 5mm to 16mm and in thicknesses from 0.35mm to 0.85mm.   POLYESTER STRAPPING Polyester strapping (PET) is used for heavy-duty use where the strapping needs to have excellent tension and stretch. These characteristics of stretch and flexibility help to keep the load under tension and absorb impacts without breaking. Available in widths from 8mm to 32mm and in thicknesses from 0.45mm to 1.3mm.   TEXTILE STRAPPING Textile strapping is gaining in popularity due to its versatility and the characteristics of the different types. It is the perfect substitute for steel or polyester strapping to avoid damage to heavy loads.   From non-woven textile strapping, with composite or woven, this strapping offers advantages in a vital process for any company which packages, transports or stores its merchandise.  


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